Daily Bulletin

Houghton High School Bulletin for Thursday, January 17, 2019

FORMS NEEDED Please remember to turn in the signed orange student registration form that was in your packet. We need these forms even if your information has not changed. A list of students who have not turned in their forms is posted by the back exit and below. If you're on the list and you lost yours, please stop in the office for a replacement. Quinn Aho, Colin Cooper, Sean Goldstein, Shawn Ruotsala, Lauren Thompson, and Sheyenne Waisanen.

MAKE UP TIME If you need to make up time for absences or tardies, the study hub will be open all week from 7:30-4:00. You can make up time before or after school, during your study hall, or during lunch.

GREMLIN MASCOT Apply to become the Gremlin mascot by taking the online survey. Three applicants will be selected. The link to the survey can be found posted around the school.

SOCCER OPEN GYM There will be a soccer open gym this Sunday, January 20th from 1:30-3:00 pm in the middle school gym. Finlandia Women's Soccer players will be there to lead warm-up drills!

GREATEST BOOK EVER The Greatest Book Ever 2019 is off to a Great start. However, some teams are doing better than others. Any student interested in finding out more about the Greatest Book Ever, or who doesn’t know where their book’s team meeting is, please come visit Ms. Schultz in Room 135 after school on Thursday. That’s after 5th hour exam is over at 11:30. She will be holding a makeup Kahoot for team members who missed their Kahoot. Come join the fun. Books are posted in the library and halls. You can still join a team!

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