Daily Bulletin

Houghton High School Bulletin for Sunday, September 25, 2022

Scholarship Link (Posted Through April)

CCISD Scholarship Hub Local Counselors are pooling efforts to keep our community BEST informed about National, State, Local, and College scholarships available to seniors. Individually, Houghton also has a tab for HHS ONLY scholarships that will be activated in February. All grades are encouraged to review for planning and awareness.

Request NHS Tutoring (posted through June 2)

NHS TUTORING REQUEST FORM All Students/Families: Getting help with homework is easier than ever! Complete the request form to get help before/after school, at Lunch, or during a specific hour of the school day.

Northern Michigan University on Campus

Tuesday Sept 27th the rep from NMU will be on campus. Kim Shuman-Kellar (kshumank@nmu.edu) will be in the Counseling Office from 10am -10:30. Students should email Mrs Nancy DeForge if they wish to attend.

Seniors and Parents: Financial Aid Resource

Seniors/Parents: FAFSA PREP NOW OPEN! Goingmerry.com has a fabulous form assistance tool that allows you to start now and wait to submit until Oct 1. Feedback on the tool is appreciated!

Travel Club

Students in grades 8-11 are invited to learn more about the Houghton International Travel Club. We are heading to Australia and New Zealand in the Summer of 2024! This stunning trip will explore the natural wonders and iconic sights of these 2 stunning countries – it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime! We have a parent meeting scheduled for September 28th at 5:30 pm in the Library to go through all of the details. To sign up for this meeting, please register using this link.


Juniors (and select Seniors): The ASVAB will be offered again on campus in late October. This test is given by the military to offer career guidance and, if interested, military entrance information. The exam will be given during the school day on campus. Seniors who have not already tested with a recruiter and are interested in increasing their scores for military entrance are encouraged to sign up. ASVAB SIGN UP See Mrs Nancy DeForge if you have questions.

Finlandia Rep on Campus

Juniors/Seniors: Finlandia will be in the Counseling Office on Thursday, Sept 29 at 9:30 am. Email Mrs Nancy DeForge to be invited to attend/use the invite as your pass from class.

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